Chartered Accountants Advice

For the very best in accounting advice all year round, you can do no better than give Perrigo Consultants a call today. Perrigo Consultants is a professional team of accountants and highly experienced tax consultants that provide exceptional bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services to individuals and businesses throughout the West Midlands and beyond. We can help with both small and large businesses in every sector and we have established ourselves as a firm with an excellent reputation for ensuring that our clients achieve their financial goals quickly and efficiently. Our business is built on reputation and recommendations.


What exactly do we do?

We furnish our clients with reliable, responsive and stress-free professional accounting advice and taxation consultancy, making certain we offer a fixed fee where possible, as well as a wholly transparent approach.

We pride ourselves on customising our service to meet the specific requirements of every business or individual. We know that every business is a wholly unique entity and it’s important to us, therefore, to provide every client with an approach that is uniquely tailored to them and them alone. This means getting to know each of our clients personally, getting to understand their unique challenges so that we’re able to provide precisely the right accounting and taxation advice that’s required.

Once we have gained sufficient awareness of your company or individual needs, we identify the techniques and solutions that we believe will work best for you and we tailor them to suit your particular, very specific circumstances. Our goal is always to provide you with the optimum tax position, increased efficiency and stability, greater growth and higher revenues for your company.


Why hire external accounting and tax consultants rather than going in-house?

There are many reasons that Perrigo Consultants can offer you a better service than an in-house accountant, including:

  • Greater Expertise. Rather than just having one accountant deal with your financials, when you choose Perrigo Consultants, you have an entire team at your disposal, with all their qualifications, experience and specialisms. Greater expertise equals greater accuracy in terms of financial reporting, as well as the opportunity to delve a little deeper into your finances.

  • Wider Knowledge. At Perrigo Consultants, we work with clients from many different sectors. The knowledge and information we gain from our exposure to other industries can be used for the greater good of all our clients. It means we know what’s going on in the economy at large and not just within your sector. Our extensive knowledge is like rocket fuel for your financials.

  • Cost Savings. Many smaller businesses don’t need someone full-time or even part-time to handle their finances. Outsourcing the role to Perrigo Consultants means you have increased flexibility and efficiencies.

Add in increased accountability and you can see why it makes sense for your business to hire Perrigo Consultants with its team of fully qualified Chartered Certified (ACCA) accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA). With our transparency and competitive rates, our dedication to jargon-free English and to getting to know your business personally, we hope you can see why it’s a good idea to give us a call today on 01299 488860 and ask for a free consultation, absolutely free and with no obligation.