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Tax Investigation

An HMRC tax investigation can be a time-consuming and expensive experience that can cause considerable stress for you and your team and put a strain on your business. With the annual number of official enquiries on the rise, it is definitely worth your while to seek out professional tax investigation help and advice and have something in place ready to protect you from the unexpected cost an HMRC investigation can bring.

The government are investing heavily in tax enquiries, resulting in tax revenues increasing dramatically in the past few years. This increase shows no sign of letting up and investigations are set to continue to rise in the coming years, meaning that many more taxpayers and their companies may undergo the costs and the stress of a random enquiry. So, you could be chosen for an enquiry whether you’re well-prepared or not. The challenge then is to make sure that you are prepared.

With our Tax Investigation Service and Fee Protection Insurance, you are protected in the event of an investigation. With professional tax investigation specialists on your side, you can be sure not only that you will pay the correct amount of tax, but also that all of your professional fees are covered throughout the procedure.


What exactly is included in the Perrigo Consultants Tax Investigation Service?

Tax Investigation Service cover from Perrigo Consultants includes cover for the following eventualities:

  • Full or aspect enquiry from HMRC

  • PAYE / VAT compliance visit

  • PAYE / VAT / NIC disputes

  • Pre-dispute cover

  • An application for judicial review

  • Code of Practice 8 investigations

  • Business inspection

  • Interventions cover

  • Partner and director cover.


What are the main advantages of the Perrigo Tax Investigation Service?

Perrigo’s Tax Investigation Service means that in the event of you or your business suffering a random HMRC investigation, we can give you the following benefits:

  • Complete representation from experienced tax investigation specialists who have taken the time to become familiar with your business and already have a keen understanding of your tax affairs

  • Experts to liaise with and handle HMRC on your behalf — this includes attending meetings and taking care of HMRC visits

  • All professional fees that are incurred throughout the HMRC investigation are covered.

All in all, the Perrigo Tax Investigation Service provides our clients with a lifeline by offering competitive prices with invaluable peace of mind when it is most needed. Having somebody in your corner in the event of a tax investigation will give you reassurance that your best interests are being represented.


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