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Chartered Tax Advisers

Helping you to sleep at night

As Chartered Tax Advisers Stourport, Worcestershire, we will work with you to understand your objectives and will focus on:

  • Ensuring you and your company are paying the right amount of tax and on time
  • Reviewing your tax affairs – are they structured efficiently and can we do things differently?
  • Helping you to understand and adhere to your HMRC obligations
  • Should you operate through a company, LLP or as a sole trader/partnership?
  • Should you be VAT registered?
  • Advising on IR 35 compliance and personal service company issues
  • Exploring opportunities, such as R&D tax credits, share option schemes, and other tax-saving initiatives.
  • Landlord Tax Accountant.


Perrigo Consultants provide professional accounting services and tax support to all types of businesses. For more information read our ultimate guide to tax and accounting.

We also provide Smartboard membership for clients operating in a rang of fields, a great way for leading businesses to meet on a regular basis to share tips and guidance.

Tax Accountant

Whether you’re looking for tax advice, Xero tax software or accountancy service as a self-employed individual or a company, we’re here to ensure that your business thrives. Based in Stourport, we are certified and accredited by both the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and have an in-depth understanding of the issues and opportunities facing businesses in Worcestershire, Birmingham, London and the West Midlands more generally.

We operate a local tax and accounting service, personalised and tailored to your companies requirements. Our fees are transparent, so we’ll make sure you stay in control of your finances. Perrigo Consultants are often able to help you introduce new working practices that will recoup the costs of hiring an accountant, and even make savings in the long run. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that your business is running as smoothly as possible.


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Tax Consultancy

If you are a freelancer, run a small business, or are a contractor, you won’t necessarily have the time or interest to understand the ins and outs of the UK tax system. For this reason, hiring a tax consultant can save you worry on taxes such as capital gains tax, reduce your tax burden, prevent you from having to pay penalties or fines, and free up your time for business development. Ideally, you should find a tax adviser well before the January deadline for self-assessment, to enable you to benefit from those whose skills are in high demand at this time of year and to make sure you are able to file on time.

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An experienced tax accountant will work with you to meet your objectives and make sure you are paying the right amount of tax. He or she should review your tax affairs to make sure they are structured efficiently, and if they are not, the adviser should tell you how you could do things differently to save you money. Whenever you are looking for business tax advice, hiring the services of bespoke tax accountants will give you peace of mind.

Perrigo Consultants are your local tax consultants, and we can help you understand and adhere to your HMRC obligations, while making sure you are aware of any tax-saving opportunities that you are entitled to. For instance, we can advise you on the flat rate VAT scheme, R&D tax credits, employee shares and other tax-saving initiatives, and whether you are entitled to a tax rebate. We can help you prepare for the HMRC’s development of a digital tax system for business, self-employed people and landlords. Our team will also be pleased to advise you whether you should invest in insurance against tax investigation.

Based on our combined experience in this field, we can help you decide which structure is best for your company, whether that is a limited company, an LLP or as a sole trader/partnership. We will advise you on whether you need to be VAT registered, help you understand corporation tax, and assist you with any concerns you have about IR35 compliance or personal service companies. As chartered tax chartered tax advisers, we have the highest level of qualification in this field, and more than 20 years’ combined experience in chartered tax consulting.

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Tax Assistant Accountants

As expert chartered accountants, we can help with all aspects of accounting services and areas such as directors loans support. We provide a flexible approach, tailored to your company, whether you want to meet in person at a location of your choice, chat over the phone or email, or calling through Skype. We aim to be your best tax consultant and make sure your business stays healthy in the long run. Whether you’re seeking advice on patent box, small business tax, capital allowances, want to hire a tax return accountant or work with a tax consultant in the longer term, we would be pleased to hear from you. Our team is able to guide you through buying a business or selling a business, and provide support if you are working with contractors or if you are a landlord. Whenever possible, work will be undertaken under a fixed fee arrangement to give you certainty and clarity.


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Perrigo Consultants will be pleased to review your current tax situation and advise you on how you could benefit from our expertise. It is easy to change accountants, and we can deal with your current accountant and the HMRC directly.

For your personal UK tax adviser, call 01299 488860 for a free, no obligation consultation.