Accountant Xero

Xero is spreading quickly across the financial world. Both large corporations and small businesses alike are benefiting from Xero accounting software and it could be the answer to your accounting needs.

So, what is Xero and how could it benefit you?

What Is Xero?

Xero is an accounting software package for businesses which is flexible, robust and secure. It handles all manner of financial tasks and can be accessed online anytime, which is why accountants and businesses using Xero can be found all over the world.

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Who Would Use Xero?

Xero is used by forward-thinking accountants and businesses worldwide. Because of its flexibility, an accountant can use Xero for various clients. While larger businesses can use such systems internally, a certified accountant can use Xero to track, manage and record finances for all of their clients.

Xero is also designed for small businesses and it meets all of their financial needs perfectly. It can support companies and individuals that don’t have access to large, internal accounting departments of their own.

Perrigo Consultants uses Xero and recommends it to clients. We find the software saves time, is simple to use, offers visibility and supports us in making financial decisions.

What Are The Benefits Of Xero?

The major benefit of Xero, other than its ease of use, is that it offers a central location to store and track all of your financial records. This means that your accountant always knows where to find your information, such as income and expenses. Consequently, they can use the software to instantly get the information they need.

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As Xero is cloud based, accountants and businesses can securely log in and out whenever and wherever they need It can also be accessed through any mobile device to help manage your finances on the go.

Why Should You Use Perrigo Xero?

While Xero’s software makes accounting easier, it still requires a trained mind to get the most out of it. Like any other software, Xero needs specialists who know what financial information they need.

Ultimately, we work with all of our clients to understand their goals and complete their taxes, address any financial issues and support them in any money-based matters where we can. Xero is a tool that enables us to do this as efficiently as possible. In other words, it serves to enhance the high quality and professional service that we offer. The backbone of this will always be the passion and talents of our skilled accountants.

So, whether you’re using it yourself or you’re entrusting your finances to an expert that uses it for you, Xero may already be playing a role in managing your finances. If it’s not, then maybe it’s time you gave it a try. See for more information.