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Perrigo Consultants have a reputation for offering solid and proactive Income Tax Advice to a broad range of clients from a broad range of sectors throughout the country. We represent everyone from small independent traders and brand new start-ups to large limited companies, providing invaluable advice on all Income Tax-related issues. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients are up to date with the latest tax regulations and optimising their overall Income Tax position.


What exactly is Income Tax and what does it mean to your business?

HMRC defines Income Tax, perhaps unsurprisingly, as a tax on income. Income itself can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Income from employment

  • Income from pensions and certain social security benefits

  • Income from trade

  • Income from property

  • Income accrued from savings and investments

  • Other miscellaneous income.

Since self-assessment tax returns were introduced, the responsibility for calculating the right amount of tax payable has shifted from HMRC to the individual taxpayer and the process can be complicated and very time-consuming. Late returns and accidental mistakes can sometimes mean harsh penalties. We are here to help you avoid these issues.


Providing a Personalised Service

Perrigo Consultants can save you a great deal of time and stress by taking care of your Income Tax return for you. We prepare your returns for you ready to sign, submit them and communicate directly with HMRC on your behalf.

We also make sure that we provide a personalised service, getting to know each of our clients and their businesses intimately so we can work out the best tax solutions for your particular circumstances. Regardless of our clients’ size of business or area of expertise, our ultimate goal remains the same, and that is to ensure that our clients are paying the optimum amount of Income Tax, and that their business is stable, efficient and well on the way to greater profitability.


Why hire external Income Tax consultants?

There are numerous reasons you should consider hiring Perrigo Consultants rather than relying on an internal accountant. These include:

  • Greater Knowledge & Proficiency. Working with us means working with an entire team of financial experts. This gives you access to a wealth of combined experience, expertise and particular areas of specialisation. This leads to unbeatable accuracy and timely financial reporting, which in turn leads to the best possible Income Tax advice and optimum tax bills.

  • Greater Savings & Greater Profits. Hiring full-time or even part-time accountants or Income Tax advisers can be a waste of money for smaller businesses, as they’re simply not required. Hiring Perrigo Consultants, on the other hand, gives you total flexibility as we’re only there when you need us.


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