Businesses can learn a great deal from each other by collaborating effectively and sharing advice and experiences. SmartBoards can be described as mastermind groups where leading businesses are grouped together based on factors such as their size and the sector they operate in and meet on a regular basis to share tips and guidance. Each SmartBoard run by Perrigo Consultants consists of around six different businesses who work with each other to solve problems and use their vast experience to suggest ways to resolve issues currently being faced.

An affordable source of guidance

There are many advantages attached to joining a SmartBoard. Not only is membership of a SmartBoard much more cost-effective than seeking out one-to-one advice, it can provide you with a valuable range of opinions and advice from other companies that face similar challenges to your business. Nobody is an expert in absolutely everything, but your fellow SmartBoard partners can provide you with a fresh, impartial perspective on the challenges that you are facing and help you optimise your chances of achieving long-term success. Every month we chair and facilitate SmartBoard meetings for hand-picked clients who believe that a collaborative approach to their business operation will reap the right benefits.

Mutually-beneficial relationships

We can provide SmartBoard membership for clients operating in a range of fields, including accountancy, finance, telemarketing, IT, sales, law, insurance and many more. A typical meeting might consist of case studies, advice being exchanged, topical business-critical issues being discussed and introductions to suitable clients being made. We always group our clients with appropriate and relevant partners that we feel they can learn from and feel motivated by.

Invaluable advice and support

Talk to us today to find out more about the SmartBoard and business networking services that we provide. Most businesses rely on networking to excel and stand out in crowded marketplaces. Networking allows you to create long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with businesses and individuals both in and out of your industry sector, helping you to build a base of reliable and useful contacts who can provide assistance now and in the future. Smartboards can also help you raise your profile, helping you expose your business to the right people and encouraging your business to be focused, professional and pro-active.

A range of services

Perrigo Consultants is a leading chartered tax and accounting consultancy that can provide you with a host of valuable services, including not only SmartBoard membership but access to a Virtual Finance Director, accurate, up-to-date financial and tax advice, business planning services, assistance with due diligence and more. We can provide you with a no-obligation consultation and are known for our highly-personalised, local service.

We are highly experienced in dealing with the issues specifically faced by businesses in the West Midlands region and offer transparent fees with no hidden extras. During your free consultation, we can look closely at your current situation and explain how you can benefit from our services, helping you remain in control of your finances and catering for all your tax and accounting requirements.

To find out more about joining one of our SmartBoard groups, contact us on 01299 488860 or send an e-mail to