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Perrigo Consultants provide specialist accountancy services for solicitors throughout the West Midlands and the whole of the UK. We have at your disposal a highly experienced, extremely effective and always flexible team of accountants who provide finance and tax-based solutions to both individuals and businesses in a variety of legal sectors. As part of our team, we have accountants and tax experts who specialise in the legal sector, offering specific tax, accountancy and business consultation and advice to a broad range of legal firms and individuals.


Solicitor-Friendly Accountants

Our solicitor-friendly accountants have an essential awareness and understanding of the legal system in the UK and how all law firms must operate within it. We pride ourselves on being able to manage your accounting, tax and financial affairs effectively and efficiently, meeting the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities that arise within the legal profession.

We work with a wide range of solicitors across the West Midlands and work closely with them to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs so that we can tailor our services accordingly. This is why we have become the accountancy company of choice for a number of solicitors’ firms.


Why is engaging a specialist accounting team important?

As you might imagine, an accounting team that has legal accounting and tax experience and has a great deal of sector-specific knowledge is much better placed to serve the specific needs of solicitors and lawyers. Run of the mill accountants may very well do a decent job for the most part, but there will also be many situations wherein the knowledge they have of legal accountancy is just not sufficient to get the best outcomes for their legal clients. Having an accountancy team that understands your business can make a huge difference.


Premium Accounting Services

Perrigo Consultants provide premium accounting, tax and bookkeeping services to solicitors and firms of all sizes. When you engage our specialist legal accountancy services, you can be certain that you have on your side a team of accountants who are familiar with the ever-changing world of legal finance and understand clearly the financial issues faced by you and your company. We make sure that we provide a standard of expert financial consultation that means every legal business is able to function at maximum efficiency.


Fully Integrated Service

Furthermore, we are able to offer a fully integrated service that takes care of all of your tax planning, bookkeeping and accounting. Understanding the key issues and drivers facing the legal profession means we provide concise, jargon-free and customised consultancy that brings your business huge added value.

When you engage Perrigo Consultants’ legal accountancy experts, your finances will be in the safest possible hands.


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“When it comes to tax advice for the legal profession, we provide a bespoke service.”

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Solicitors’ Accountants – we understand

With clients ranging from QCs to lawyers, we can manage your tax and accounting affairs efficiently and effectively. Our understanding of your sector means we can offer you specialised tax and accounting services to meet your needs and the challenges and opportunities facing you as a legal professional.

Keep it simple

We’ll take care of the whole tax and accounting process for you, including advice on:

  • Latest developments on incorporation status
  • Allowable expenses and allowances
  • Calculation of taxable income
  • The cash basis of accounting.


Did you know?

It’s so easy to change accountants… simply contact us and we’ll deal with your current accountant and HMRC for you.

With monthly all-inclusive fees, there are no hidden extras. We’re flexible and happy to meet whenever and however you want – whatever works for you.

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“I have found Dave Perrigo friendly, ethical, efficient and responsive. He is everything a professional could ask for in an accountant and it all comes with a light touch. I have no hesitation in saying that Dave provides me with all the accounting support service that I need.”

David Lock QC, Landmark Chambers