Corporation Tax Enquiries

Corporation Tax Enquiries

Perrigo Consultants provide professional accountancy and tax consultancy to a wide range of individuals and business clients, from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations. We make it our business to take care of your business and ensure that you’re not overpaying tax and achieving your financial goals quickly and effectively.

We offer our clients responsive and totally reliable corporate tax advisory and corporate tax planning strategies and consultation, ensuring in most cases a fixed fee service and in every case, a wholly transparent approach with no hidden fees. It’s our job to save you money so we make sure from the outset that you know exactly what you’re paying.

At Perrigo Consultants we strongly believe in providing a personally tailored approach to our clients, customising our corporate tax advice services to suit the particular requirements of every individual business. We’re fully aware that each and every company has its own particular challenges, and we know that if we are to be truly effective, we have to get to know every company on its own merits, understanding exactly how they tick and providing corporate tax advice that makes the most sense.  

The benefits of hiring a specialist corporate tax accountant

A substantial part of any company’s trading costs is taken up with Corporation Tax. 

Furthermore, with HMRC becoming ever more stringent in their enquiries, reporting obligations becoming increasingly demanding, and harsher penalties being levied for non-compliance and mistakes being made in tax paperwork, preparing and paying corporate tax payments becomes a bigger headache for most companies year after year. For this reason, hiring Perrigo Consultants to take away the pain can be the greatest decision your company ever makes. 


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At Perrigo Consultants, we have a team of specialist corporate tax advisers who offer a wide range of accounting services designed to help you streamline Corporation Tax payments, as well as relieving you of the immense administrative hassle of complying with rigorous tax legislation. We can help you with:

  • Determining the most effective corporate tax structure for you and your business

  • Getting the most tax relief and other opportunities

  • Achieving optimum capital and revenue tax treatment

  • Maximising sector-specific tax opportunities

  • Meeting painstaking compliance demands, including corporate tax self assessment

  • Representing you in discussions with HMRC.


Efficient and effective corporate tax planning invariably results in significant improvements in businesses’ profit margins.

So, if you’re looking to help ease the pressure of complying with increasingly difficult and more technical corporate tax legislation, you’ve come to the right place. For more information about how we can help reduce your corporate tax burden and concentrate on expanding your company and maximising profits, give Perrigo Consultants a call on 01299 488860 and speak to one of our team about a free consultation.