Staude Capital is a London-based investment firm which specialises in finding investments trading at a discount to their intrinsic value, and in identifying or creating catalysts to unlock this value for their clients.

The team at Staude Capital is made up of experienced global investors. Their investment philosophy places a high importance on controlling for risk whilst seeking to generate excess market returns. Managing Director Miles Staude has over seventeen years’ experience in trading, investment management and research, covering a wide range of financial markets. He is the Portfolio Manager of the Global Value Fund and serves as a Director on the Global Value Fund Board.

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The brief

As a dynamic, highly reputable and forward thinking company, Staude was looking for a finance partner who could match their strengths and offer them expert advice in the areas of corporate and personal tax. In addition, they wanted a team of accountants who could work alongside bookkeepers and colleagues at Staude, to ensure their internal and external financial affairs were robust, accurate and timely. Their specific requirements included:

  • Working with advisors who were experts in Xero
  • Share capital reduction consultancy
  • Using VAT experts, in particular VAT partial exemption
  • Advisors on hand to proactively advise in a simple non-technical way
  • Ensuring Staude was robust in all tax areas of its business.

Our part

Working with advisors who were experts in Xero
The management team at Staude specifically wanted to use an accounting system that was intuitive, flexible and gave them the day to day data they needed to make decisions. As experts in Xero, we partnered up with their chosen bookkeepers to ensure the client had everything they needed in terms of training, understanding and ensuring a seamless process.

Share capital consultancy
On engaging with the client, we were asked to consider their initial share capital position to ensure the business was adequately set up for trading and to ensure the share structure was optimal. An exercise was undertaken to rebalance the position adhering to both Companies House and HMRC rules

Using VAT experts, in particular VAT partial exemption
Staude wanted to fully understand the VAT position in relation to the services they were providing and in particular the impact of partial exemption on any of its support or sister companies. We were able to explain and document the position and confidently perform any external partial exemption calculations and submissions to adhere to HMRC guidance.

Advisors on hand to proactively advise in a simple non-technical way
Working closely with Staude, we provide them with ongoing support which gives them reassurance that whatever accounting or tax questions arise, we are on hand to help. Our aim is to provide advice in a simple to understand and non-technical way. This gives the management team the confidence to know they are fully compliant in all the financial areas of their business, allowing them to concentrate on the growth of their company.

Ensuring Staude was robust in all tax areas of its business
Like any growing business, Staude requires clear visibility of all of its tax requirements, along with future visibility on the amount of these taxes, so they can plan effectively. Working alongside Staude’s bookkeepers, we ensure this is all dealt with seamlessly, accurately and ahead of filing deadlines.

Ongoing support

Through the strength of our partnership with Staude, we not only offer the company ongoing support for day to day tax and accountancy issues, but provide them with advice and information to inform their strategic planning to shape the future of their business.

Our partnership with Perrigo Consultants gives us confidence that our tax and accounting affairs are in safe hands. We appreciate their professionalism, clear and timely advice and know that we can call on them at any time to offer help on everyday tax concerns or more complex business solutions.

Miles Staude - Managing Director

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