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Industry News - 8th February 2023

HMRC offers an online service to check your National Insurance Contributions (NIC) record online. In order to use the service, you will need to have a Government Gateway account. If you don’t have an account, you can apply to set one up online.

By signing in to the ‘Check your National Insurance record’ service you will also activate your personal tax account if you haven’t already previously done so. HMRC’s personal tax account can be used to complete a variety of tasks in real time such as claiming a tax refund, updating your address and completing your Self-Assessment return.

Your National Insurance record online will allow you to see:

•    What you have paid, up to the start of the current tax year (6 April 2022) 
•    Any National Insurance credits you’ve received 
•   If gaps in contributions or credits mean some years don’t count towards your State Pension (they aren’t ‘qualifying years’) 
•   If you can pay voluntary contributions to fill any gaps and how much this will cost. 

In some circumstances it may be beneficial, after reviewing your records, to make voluntary NIC contributions to fill gaps in your contributions record to increase your entitlement to benefits, including the State or New State Pension. 

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