Fee Protection Insurance

Industry News - 24th July 2018

Fee protection insurance is designed to protect your finances and operations in the event of a tax enquiry by HMRC. HM Revenue & Customs now have greater powers to visit your premises and assess your financial records, with tax enquiries having risen to record levels and becoming increasingly complex. This has also resulted in rising defence costs.

We can protect you from professional fees resulting from HMRC enquiries through our fee protection insurance, which leaves you able to manage your business whilst tax enquiries are handled on your behalf by expert professionals. We would like to hear from you today if you need help and advice from tax investigation experts that will support you from the start to end of any enquiry. Businesses, directors and individual taxpayers are all likely to be the subject of tax enquiries.

Why take out fee protection insurance?

HMRC’s new “Connect” super-computer is designed to source data from various sources to gain a comprehensive picture of total income. If it notes discrepancies, it can flag accounts, resulting in investigations being launched. We can provide you with the protection you need and are able to provide you with all the consultancy expertise you require, advising you on a wealth of financial topics including R&D reviews, IR35 contract reviews and much more.

HMRC is generating more than £26 billion a year from its compliance operations, with increased targets being set and investigators showing increased determination. We can provide policies that suit your specific needs and give you the peace of mind you need knowing all professional fees are covered whatever happens. The cost of the protection is likely to be a small fraction of the costs that would be incurred due to an enquiry.

The services that we offer enable you to vastly reduce the cost, business disruption and stress caused by a tax investigation or enquiry. Costs can be substantial even if you are found to be entirely innocent of any wrongdoing, so don’t take risks – get the cover that you require at the earliest opportunity. We do everything in our power to mitigate extra costs and accountants’ fees whilst providing you with the best defence possible. Obtaining the cover you require is a quick and simple process but can be one of the best decisions you ever make for you and your business.

Why Perrigo Consultants?

The more demanding your tax investigation is, the more support we can provide you with. Investigations can last for months and even years, leaving you with accountancy fees and other costs to pay whilst you remain tasked with keeping your business going. It’s essential that you seek out professional advice and support as soon as you learn your financial affairs are to be investigated. We can handle all HMRC enquiries and manage your claim, aiming for the best possible outcome.

Make sure you’re covered whatever happens

At Perrigo Consultants, we can provide the fee protection insurance you need to:

Keep your business going during and after an investigation
Cover all investigation costs
Minimise accountant’s fees
Reduce stress and disruption.

To find out more about the fee protection insurance service offered by Perrigo Consultants, call 01299 488860 or send an e-mail to enquiries@perrigoconsultants.co.uk.

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