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Industry News - 5th February 2018

In an international business environment, having access to reliable and trustworthy international tax advice is absolutely essential. As well as being fully trained and qualified Chartered Certified (ACCA) Accountants, our dedicated team at Perrigo Consultants are also specialists in the area of international tax advice and planning, as Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA). So, whether you’re looking to expand your business operations overseas, have already established worldwide operations, are thinking about setting yourself up in the UK or are actually planning to leave the UK in search of a different, more suitable overseas location, the experienced team at Perrigo Consultants is here to guide and assist you.

If you’re contemplating a one-off, short-term project overseas or you’re setting up a permanent entity in a foreign country, you need to understand and, where possible, minimise the expected business and personal tax liabilities in your new jurisdiction.

Where additional and cumulative international tax and compliance costs arise, as compared to costs in the UK, these need to be factored into budgets and tender pricing to make sure that your business is still able to achieve its expected results and ensure that profits are not eroded by unpleasant tax surprises.

You also need to ensure that neither your business nor your employees fall short of any new tax compliance responsibilities by making sure you — or the accountancy team you hire — understand all the relevant tax reporting and requirements.

The fact is because foreign jurisdictions are becoming ever more complex and difficult for non-professionals to understand, mistakes can easily be made and if the mistakes are serious enough, this can lead to legal action being taken. Hiring a specialist in international tax issues means that these problems will never arise.

At Perrigo Consultants, it is our aim to provide our clients with proactive international tax advice that delivers the best possible commercial solutions for your business.

Our dedicated team of experts provides you with an extensive range of international tax services designed to suit your needs and to cover every overseas taxation eventuality. Areas we advise on include the following:

  • Corporation Tax (including the withholding of taxes)
  • Indirect tax (such as VAT and Customs Duties)
  • Employment taxes (such as Income Tax, wage tax andsocial security)
  • Offshore tax advice
  • Tax compliance questions arising from expansion (both inward and outward)
  • Establishing business operations in overseas jurisdictions.
  • Tax advice according to specific countries
  • Tax and NI issues relating to internationally mobile staff
  • Maximising profits through tax structuring
  • The repatriation of profits (this includes royalties, dividends, management charges, etc.)
  • Efficient location of IP
  • Location of holding companies
  • Debt structure and loan arrangements
  • How VAT works with relation to cross-border transactions
  • Maximisation of double tax relief
  • Corporate disposals and acquisitions
  • Assistance with HMRC inquiries
  • Transfer pricing strategies preparation and advice
  • Practical advice with regard to anti-avoidance legislation.

Give us a call at Perrigo Consultants today on 01299 488860 and we will be delighted to talk to you about how we can support you with all your international tax issues.

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