Investment Property Accounting

Industry News - 12th December 2017

Investment property is when a property is owned by someone and intended to be leased out to a third party, resulting in the owner receiving rental income and capital growth. An investment property accountant will provide in-depth knowledge, information and advice to investment property owners, ensuring they get the most efficient and cost effective tax and accounting advice.

What are the benefits of investment property accounting? 

There are many benefits to using an  investment property accountant, all of which will effectively help you to be as cost effective and time efficient as possible. 

–       Investment property accountants have expert knowledge of the industry and have the ability to guide you through the complex financial areas when working with property that is designed for third party use. This will allow you to assess options you may not have been able to look at alone and overall provide you with a better tax position.

–       A property investment accountant will alleviate the pressure when it comes to recording, filing and sending documents and reports.

–       Accountants will also be able to engage in financial planning, ensuring you get the best outcome with your money. These plans may include your goals, and how and when to take the right risks with your money.

–       A property investment tax adviser will cater to your personal needs. This enables you to make more accurate and specific plans and get guidance that applies personally to your situation.

Who would need investment property accounting?

Both new and experienced property investors choose to use the services of an investment property accountant.  For new investors with little knowledge of the property sector, they often prefer to start off their venture with the support of a finance professional to offer expert guidance.  

However more experienced property investors also value the support of a property investment accountant because they have little spare time to deal with accounts or financial planning. The help of an adviser allows for these investors to focus their attention on other projects or properties.

How can Perrigo Consultants help your property investment accounts?

As chartered tax advisers, we have a range of experts that specialise in the property investment sector and understand the needs and requirements of each individual situation. 

They strive to work with you to ensure you get the most cost effective service, so that you can spend your time and money on more important areas. 

To get in touch with Perrigo Consultants or to ask about any aspect of investment property accounting, contact us through our contact page or call 01299 488860 to receive a free, no obligation consultation.

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