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Industry News - 2nd January 2018

Perrigo Consultants is an experienced and professional firm of accountants offering prime tax consultancy, unbeatable bookkeeping and indispensable help with Self Assessment to individuals and businesses across Worcestershire, the West Midlands and throughout the rest of the UK.

Our team of fully qualified Chartered Certified (ACCA) accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) have gained an excellent reputation for offering our clients reliable, responsive and stress-free professional accountancy and personal tax services. Our aim in providing these services is not only to make your lives and the daily running of your business easier, but also in the process, to help you potentially streamline your tax bills and achieve greater profitability.

What exactly is a Self Assessment accountant?

Essentially, Self Assessment accountants are specialists in helping businesses and individuals prepare their tax returns. They are Self Assessment experts and it is their job to make sure that when your tax return is filed, you’re not only paying the right amount of tax but also your return is accurate and fully compliant with current tax legislation. The fact is, around one million people every year are fined for failing to complete their self-assessed tax return on time. Then there are many more who are fined for making mistakes in their return.

Of course, the vast majority of people who make mistakes do so involuntarily. If accounting is not something to which you’re naturally drawn, filling in your own tax returns can be extremely trying. Especially since there seems to be legislative changes made to the taxation system constantly. Indeed, the main reason that so many people are fined for not filing their returns on time is that when it comes to doing your taxes, there is always a reason to put it off till tomorrow.

At Perrigo Consultants, our team of Self Assessment experts actually enjoy doing your tax returns, or at least they enjoy the feeling of taking away your stress by taking the responsibility out of your hands.

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Benefits of hiring a Self Assessment accountant

Anything that makes your life less stressful has got to be worth investing in, and here are a few of the ways in which hiring one of our Self Assessment accountants will bring some calm into your life:

  • We save you money. We do this by making sure that you’re claiming for everything you are entitled to claim for.
  • We save you time. Not only the time it would take you to fill in and file your tax return, but also all the time you spend worrying about it.
  • We take the stress away. We act as your agent and work directly with HM Revenue & Customs to deal with any issues that happen to arise.

So, if you’d like to hand over the headache of Self Assessment to the experts, knowing that you will potentially save money and there will be no hidden fees, give us a call on 01299 488860 today and we’ll set up your free consultation.

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