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Industry News - 25th July 2017

Self Employment Advice

At Perrigo Consultants, our team of qualified chartered accountants (ACCA) and tax advisers (CTA) 

have gained an unparalleled reputation for providing clients with responsive, reliable and 100% stress-free personal tax services and professional advice. Our goal in offering these services is not merely to make our clients’ lives and the daily running of their businesses easier, but also to help them achieve greater profitability through optimising their tax position.

What kind of self-employment advice do we provide?

Our team of specialist self-employment accountants can provide you with exceptional advice when it comes to helping you prepare your tax returns. As self-employment experts, it is our job to ensure that you are in the best tax position possible when filing your tax return. We also make sure that your tax return is accurate and submitted on time. This is an important point as annually, approximately a million people have to pay fines for either failing to file their completed self-employment tax return before the deadline or for making mistakes in their completed return.

Of course, most people who make mistakes on their tax returns do so inadvertently, but if accounting is not your forte, completing your own forms can be both difficult and stressful, and under those circumstances, making mistakes is all too easy. By working with Perrigo Consultants you can be safe in the knowledge that your tax returns will be handled with the fine attention to detail and professionalism that is required.

Benefits of hiring a self-employment accountant

We believe that anything that makes running your business easier and more profitable is definitely worth your investment. With that in mind, here are some of the main reasons you should pick up the phone today and speak to one of our dedicated self-employment advisers…

  • We will do our best to save you money. When we help you with your taxes, the chances of you paying less than you do at the moment are extremely high. We will make sure you are claiming for all the things you can claim for, which naturally, includes our own services.
  • We will save you time. First, there is the time it would take you to put your tax return together. Second, there is all the time you spend worrying about it and feeling bad because you’re procrastinating. Many of our clients tell us that when they hand their taxes over to us, they suddenly feel free in a way they never have before.
  • We will be thorough and accurate. When your tax return is filled in and submitted, you can forget all about it, safe in the knowledge that it’s in expert hands.
  • We will take the stress away. When you become a client of ours, we become your agent, working directly with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf and taking care of any issues that arise.

So, if you’re fed up with the stress of handling your self-employment tax returns, call us today on 01299 488860 and let us take that stress away, as well as saving you money and time.

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