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Industry News - 5th February 2018

Perrigo Consultants is highly regarded for the VAT Advice it provides to clients across the UK. We have clients throughout the country representing a huge range of businesses, from sole traders and start-ups to large limited companies and we provide invaluable advice on all VAT-related issues, from exemptions to different VAT schemes and transactional VAT advice.

What is VAT and how does it affect your business?

VAT stands of course for Value Added Tax and it is tax that is payable to HMRC not only on the sale of goods but also on the provision of services. Any UK business that has an annual turnover of more than £85,000 must be registered for VAT.

Your VAT return — which must be reported and where necessary, paid to HMRC every quarter — reflects both goods and services sold by you or your company and the VAT you have charged at the current rate of 20%, together with all of the goods and services that you yourself have purchased in the course of your business dealings, where you too have been required to pay VAT. If it transpires that in any given quarter you have actually paid out more in VAT than you have charged, you will be entitled in this instance to a refund. Bearing this in mind, it is in the interests of most companies to seek professional VAT advice from a qualified and experienced VAT adviser.

So how exactly can Perrigo Consultants help?

We provide all of our clients with reliable and responsive HMRC VAT advice, taking the hassle and stress out of your quarterly VAT responsibilities and offering a fixed fee service and a completely transparent approach.

We provide a highly personalised service to our clients, getting to know each and every one personally so that we can figure out which approach will work best for you and tailor our solutions according to your particular circumstances. Our goal never changes, however, regardless of company or sector — our goal is always to provide our clients with optimum VAT bills, greater stability and efficiency, increased growth and ultimately higher profits.

Although we offer comprehensive advice across the board, we do have particular experience providing VAT advice within the following sectors:

  • Solicitors and lawyers.
  • Medical consultants and practitioners.
  • Architects.
  • Contractors of any kind.

Why hire external VAT consultants rather than arranging it in-house?

There are lots of reasons why Perrigo Consultants can provide a superior service to that of an in-house accountant. The main reasons include:

  • Greater Proficiency and Knowledge. When you work with us, you have a whole team of experts at your disposal, including their combined experience, qualifications and areas of specialism. Ultimately, this means more accurate and more focused financial reporting, which means getting the best possible VAT advice.
  • Savings. Smaller businesses tend not to need full-time or sometimes even part-time accountants or advisers to take care of their finances. Having Perrigo Consultants look after you gives you increased flexibility, which means we’re there when you need us and we’re not when you don’t. Ultimately, this means that you’re saving money.

So, if you’re in the market for unbeatable VAT advice and VAT services, call us at Perrigo Consultants today on 01299 488860 and ask for a free consultation.

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