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Industry News - 20th June 2018

Xero Accounting Help

Founded in 2006, the Xero accounting system has in the past few years revolutionised accounting for hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout the world. Xero is a cloud-based accountancy software service that radically simplifies accounting through its online connectivity and intelligent functionality.

Perrigo Consultants are specialists in Xero accounting and we’ve provided Xero help and Xero advice to a great many businesses, training them to use the software, watching as they become comfortable with it and then expand and become more successful as a result. We know from experience that switching to a brand-new system of accounting software can be a somewhat daunting prospect for a lot of companies, which is what makes our consultancy so very useful. At Perrigo Consultants, we specialise in providing all of the necessary Xero accounting help to leave you confident enough to start using the system on your own.

What are the benefits of switching to Xero Accounting?

The most obvious benefit to making the switch to Xero arises from its intelligent functionality and minimalist approach to accounting. Or to put it another way, Xero permits you to get rid of all your antiquated accounting systems, which depend on seemingly infinite piles of documents, or endless spreadsheets and full filing cabinets. Xero is able to replace all of that by gathering together all of your data in the cloud. The savings in terms of space alone probably make the leap to Xero worthwhile.

Connectivity, however, is another huge benefit. As Xero is a cloud-based system, it works with all devices — tablets, phones, PCs and Macs — meaning that you, your team and your bookkeeper can always access your accounts and from anywhere in the world, just so long as there’s an available internet connection. This gives you total control over your accounts, enabling you to update your accounts, invoice customers, apply for loans, build your networks and monitor your company’s performance whenever you want, wherever you are.

There are no limits to the number of users who can connect through Xero, so everyone is able to stay permanently in the loop. The software also auto-updates in real time, integrating across all of your devices, and it’s fully accessible through an app.

Why should you choose Perrigo’s Xero consultancy services?

Although Xero has certainly helped to revolutionise cloud-based accountancy, it’s also very true that no amount of accounting software is able to compete with the clarity and convenience of face-to-face real-time advice from an experienced accountant. As well as offering personalised training sessions to you and your team, we are also happy to provide telephone support and regular meetings, whenever necessary.

Once we’ve helped you with the initial set-up, or supervised the conversion from your existing software, we are always on hand to provide a kind of Xero help centre, a Xero community if you like, with Xero tips and tricks and Xero business help whenever you need it.

As a firm of certified chartered accountants who also happen to be Xero experts, we offer unbeatable consultancy to companies keen to start working with the latest and the best that cloud technology can offer, streamlining your operations radically in the process.

For more on Xero accounting and how it can ultimately help you become more profitable give us a call at Perrigo Consultants today on 01299 488860. Or drop us an email: enquiries@perrigoconsultants.co.uk

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